5 mL - Strata Hop Terpene Blend

5 mL - Strata Hop Terpene Blend


Our Strata hop terpene blend finally in homebrew packaging! This blend is modeled after very popular Strata hops terpene profile. These blends contain only terpenoids and no other chemicals. The process on how we make these can be found on our Facebook post at https://www.facebook.com/mainiacalyeastlabs/photos/a.529380410769578/706397629734521/?type=1&theater

Usage amounts range depending on the beer, the blend, and your preference. The common usage for a 5.5 gallon keg or carboy is around 0.10 mL to .7 mL. We suggest you start off light and dose it until you like it. Give it about 15 minutes between doses and if you can shake the keg around a bit. If you overdose it, it’ll be very perfumey and overwhelming. Like with any pure chemicals take care in handling. These cannot oxidate(although the beer still can of course), have a shelf stability over 1-2 years. Store in room temp or cold and away from sun light.

Includes 1 mL syringe for each blend to help with dosing.

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