Alternative to Alternatives

Alternative to Alternatives


Our first released custom blend, and its one hell of a doozy! Alt 2 Alt is a blend that will continue to evolve but it contains all of our non Sacc, Brett, Pedio, or Lacto microbes that produce desirable flavors. Most people have never heard of these microbes let alone used them, so we figured lets do them all at once in a huge blend! After testing the proportions of microbes we believe we got it just right! In this first blend included will be: Zygosaccharomyces, Lachancea f, Lachancea t, Wickerhamomyces a, Schizosaccharomyces j, Hanseniaspora v, Pichia a, Pichia m, 2 strains of Toluraspora d x2, Debaryomyces h, Oenococcus o x3, and Weissella c. This blend is very unique in flavor and aroma and changes very much depending on the wort composition and fermenting temps. Expect it to ferment pretty dry, as in lab tests we've gotten it down under 1.000. It also produces are well rounded acidity, but keep in mind if you introduce fruit that has high malic acid content then the LAB that can metabolize malic acid into lactic acid will do so. Given the right vitamins and conditions this can get rippingly sour! 

Temp Range - 66F - 79F


Ethanol Tolerance - 16%(however after 12-14% Zygosaccharomyces will be doing most of the work)


Attenuation 80-100%

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