Dried Farmhouse - Simonaitis

Dried Farmhouse - Simonaitis


A famed farmhouse culture makes its way back to his second debut from us! We released this one in liquid form over a year ago. We had great feedback on the culture so naturally it would have to come back eventually! This time in dried form.

Although common mistaken as a Kveik culture(even by ourselves at first), Simonaitis is actually a Lithuanian derived culture making it a “Farmhouse” culture. Although it shares a lot similarities with Kveik in the sense that it ferments hot, has a citrus character to it, and can be dried it is not. Simonaitis has a great almost burnt/cooked orange peel character to it, a light earthiness, hints of farmhouse lik hay and a light stone fruit character. Overall it makes for a great farmhouse type ale beer, a mix in a Saison, or just in a simple pale ale type beer. LIke Kveik however, we suggest you add a good amount of yeast nutrients when using this culture.

This culture contains all the original microbes which includes a Lactobacillus species. This Lactobacillus is very hop intolerant around 5-7 IBU.

More info and history on this culture can be found at http://www.garshol.priv.no/download/farmhouse/kveik.html#kv16

Temperature Tolerance: 60F-100F

ABV Tolerance: 15%

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