Dried Kveik Blend - Berserker

Dried Kveik Blend - Berserker


Our second clean Kveik blend is in the house! This blend is a mix of 3 different Saccharomyces c strains all pull from 3 different Kveik. This is almost a brother blend to our Juggernaut Kveik blend which has been extremely popular on commercial and homebrew side. This blend however is created to bring forth a bounty of citrus! We made this blend with the idea that it would fit in extremely well with modern styles and new age citrus forward hops. It’s a quick attenuator and a very clean culture overall. Expect lots of orange, lemon, and lime peel qualities. Like most Kveik we also suggest adding yeast nutrients to any beer it’s being used in.

Temperature Tolerance - 60-105F

Ethanol Tolerance - 13%

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