Dried Kveik Blend - Juggernaut

Dried Kveik Blend - Juggernaut


For the first time in homebrew packaging; The Juggernaut Kveik blend! We worked on this blend for over 6 months originally to find the perfect combo to work with NEIPAs, DIPAs, etc. We wanted a culture that would attenuate quick, but leave massive stone fruit notes with light hints of orange peels. We isolated tons of different Saccharomyces cultures out of all the different Kveik we had and started playing with blends. The final blend ended up using Saccharomyces from 6 different Kveik! This blend was the first custom Kveik blend on the market and has been wildly popular on the commercial side!

Its a very clean fruity culture and matches perfectly with the juicy and fruity modern hops. Chances are we won't be drying this culture again for awhile so get them while you can!

Temperature Tolerance - 60-110F

Ethanol Tolerance - 14%

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