Dried Kveik - Ebbegarden

Dried Kveik - Ebbegarden


Ebbegarden finally in dried form! Ebbegarden is a great Kveik for may styles and has been one of the most used ones amongst pioneering American Kveik users. It can have tropical notes to it given enough nutrients and held at hotter temps. It also has a light citric quality to it and earthy tones. It also tends to leave the beer with a more pronounced bitterness so you can generally use less bittering hops when using Ebbegarden. It also makes for a great gruit strain because of this. This culture does contain Lactobacillus so the beer will become tart if no hops are used. Its tolerance is around 5 IBU. More information can be found at http://www.garshol.priv.no/download/farmhouse/kveik.html#kv9

Temperature Range - 70-95F (Ideal around 85F)

Ethanol Tolerance - 16% ABV

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