Dried Kveik - Opshaug

Dried Kveik - Opshaug


Introducing one of the less known about Kveiks; Opshaug!

Opshaug is a very clean strain with notes of citrus and stone fruit. It plays very well with modern hops so it works wonderfully in NEIPAs, IPAs, pale ales etc. Because of how clean it can be, it also works well in lighter styles. It does prefer it a little cooler then some other Kveik strains maxing out around 90F. Like more Kveik we suggest adding yeast nutrients post ferment.

More info on this strain can be found at http://www.garshol.priv.no/download/farmhouse/kveik.html#kv43

Temperature Tolerance - 55-90F

Ethanol Tolerance - 12%

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