Dried Kveik - Stranda

Dried Kveik - Stranda


Our Stranda culture has finally be put into dried homebrew format! Stranda is a great culture for modern beers as well as old farmhouse styles. It produces notes of pineapples and other tropical fruits with hints of stone fruits as well. In the right format it has a touch of hay/earthiness to it but tends to only come out when use in very simple grain bills. However it makes for one of the best Kveik strains for IPAs, NEIPAs, DIPAs, pale ales etc. It also mixes very nicely with Saison cultures to add a nice fruitiness to the mix. However it also makes for a great platform to add Brettanomyces in at secondary. This is probably one of the cleanest Kveik strains.

More of information and history of this culture can be found at http://www.garshol.priv.no/download/farmhouse/kveik.html#kv3

Temperature Range : 60F-105F

ABV Tolerance: 16%

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