Kveik the World Blend

Kveik the World Blend


The Kveik the World blend is finally here! We created this blend in honor of the late William Holden. He was one of the pioneers of bringing Kveik and Norwegian Farmhouse brewing to the modern brewing scene. He created Kornolfestival to showcase these types of yeast cultures as well as the techniques used in Norwegian Farmhouse brewing.

Each of the cultures William himself collected were blended together. Ebbegarden, Framgarden, Lida, Raftevold gård, and Wollsæter Kveik.

A portion of the proceeds from each sale will go to Williams family. Thank you Lars for helping set that up.

This blend hints pretty much all of the different Kveik profiles in one making for a complex beer. Citrusy, stone fruit, melon, maple syrup, caramel, earthy, pineapple, and floral.

Being Kveik they work best at home temperatures but will also work at room temp just at a slower pace. We suggest adding a good dose of yeast nutrients to each batch, especially if fermenting hot. This blend includes a few Lactobacillus strains that are decently hop intolerant. Around 5-10 IBU. However if no hops are used or very little it will become tart.

Temperature Range - 65-95F

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