Kveik - Wollsæter

Kveik - Wollsæter


A Kveik culture that is a real odd ball! This culture is very unique compared to the other Kveiks. It has a flavor profile very different from the rest and also takes a bit more time to ferment then the other Kveiks. Saison like with a light farmhouse feel while also have subtle stone fruit notes.

As a side note, it says in the ingrediants Malt and yeast but there are also bacteria present as the orignal culture we received had low cell counts of them. 

The yeast cells are also smaller then your average Sacc strain and the other Kveik yeast strains(leading us to believe that its lineage may not actually be from the Kveik family) so the slurries appear simliar to Brettanomyces in the sense that the slurry looks smaller and condensed while still being a 180+ billion cell count. 

When fermenting above 90F we suggest adding 2 TSP of yeast nutrient as it helps ensure a clean yeast profile.

More info at - http://www.garshol.priv.no/download/farmhouse/kveik.html#kv35

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