Dried Form - Milk the Funk Quick Souring Blend

Dried Form - Milk the Funk Quick Souring Blend


Our collab blend with the greatest Alternative fermentation group in the game - Milk the Funk! This blend includes 4 Kveik/farmhouse strains with all of their yeast and bacteria included. Simonaitis(we know its technically not Kveik), Gravnin, Hornindal, and Raftevold. We’ve also added two Lactobacillus p strains. We find this blend makes a sour pineapple apple cider type beer. The bacteria in this blend is very hop intolerant so we’d suggest little to no hops at all to achieve souring. If hops are desired we’d suggest dry hopping after the desired acidity is achieved. The beauty of this culture is the temperature range is between 60-100F. We suggest around 85-90F for optimal performance from both the yeast and bacteria. We also suggest adding yeast nutrients on any ferments over 80F as the Kveik in the blend can be a bit more nutrient demanding at higher temps. However this blend can also be used for a longer term ferment, and makes for a great candidate for secondary Brett inoculation! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Milk the Funk!

Temperature Tolerance - 65-100F

Ethanol Tolerance - 13%

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