OG Berliner Blend - Beta

OG Berliner Blend - Beta


We are finally releasing the beta of our OG Berliner blend! These microbes are all directly from original Berliner breweries, most of which are long out of business. They were obtained from old, unopened bottles that were decades old, thanks to Benedikt Koch and Richard Preiss. It contains one Saccharomyces c, one Lactobacillus and two Brettanomyces a strains.

Contrary to popular belief, Berliners were never kettle soured. They were always a mixed fermentation, leaving for a very complex beer that could be aged but was usually drunk earlier on.

This is a beta round so it is not the same cell count as our normal plans - for larger batches we suggest creating a starter. Give the starter around six days before pitching to allow the Brettanomyces to grow to cell mass.

We are super excited to finally offer this, as we really want to see the re-invigoration of original Berliners.

If you make beers of this kind, please let us know any feedback you have on this blend.

Tempuratures tolerance:: 55F - 80F

Ethanol tolerance: 10%

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