Cultures available to commercial breweries

Below is our spreadsheet of strains available to commercial breweries. This is only a small fraction of our yeast bank, so new cultures/isolates will become available regularly. We also provide custom blends to meet you needs so feel free to reach out if that's what your looking for! *Currently our Aspergillus cultures are unavailable as we work on building a better incubator for them.

Commercial Fee Schedule

Below are our prices for commercial pitches(not including shipping). Our standard pitch is at 7 million cells per mL, however we could decrease the size of the pitch while increasing the cells per mL by removing more of the wort but we can only remove so much before the pitch becomes to thick in consistency. At 7 million cells per mL this supports a gravity of 1.065 or less. If you require a higher cell count please reach out so we can discuss pricing. Thanks!