Contamination Tests

We offer contamination testing so you can ensure that the culture your using is what you expect it to be! We can test packaged products as well as a sample of your yeast slurry. If local to us, we also offer contamination tests in house of equipment and brew spaces as well as consulting on proper sanitiation protocol and santitary transfers. With bacteria and yeast infections on the rise, we understand how important it is to ensure quality in your product. 

Yeast Pitches

We offer yeast, bacteria and mixed cultures to both homebrewers and pro-brewers. For our homebrew products you can visit our Online Shop page. For pro-brewers we can offer up to 40 BBL pitches at this time. We also offer custom culture blends to pro-brewers so if your interested please contact us and we'll be happy to work with you to come up with a blend that fits your needs. 

Beer/Yeast Analysis

We offer analysis of your beer to establish things like ethanol %, IBU, SRM and pH. We also offer services that can be used for QA/QC'ing your final product such as Titratable Acidity and Dissolved Oxygen readings. We also offer QC services on your current yeast strains. We can look at things like viability, vitality, diacetyl, cell counts, contamination, etc. 

Cooperage Services

For local breweries running a barrel program we offer a slew of in house cooperage services.  We do in house repairs of barrels and Foudres(not including repairs of stainless steel manways). We can also help consulting on starting a barrel program as well as classes on doing your own in house barrel management/repairs. 

We also offer wood burning design services on barrels/Foudres, all done by hand.